About Us

Thank you for actually reading the About page on our website!


This website was made by one guy who loves nothing more then having a few billy’s on the weekend with his mates and talking about insane looking bongs that are going around, so he decided to make a blog about the coolest bongs that is on the internet. Coolest Bongs is the place that you can find all of the most awesome looking bongs going around and that is high quality we range from very cheap bongs to more expensive items that can go up to $1000, depending on your budget you will find what your looking for on this website.

We have scoured the internet of hundreds of websites looking for the most bad ass looking bongs that we know out visitors will love to check out and buy. We have put all of these bongs into one very easy spot for you guys and girls to suss out. If you looking for the “OMG i want that bong” You will find it here!

None of the products that you find on our website it sold by us directly, but we do receive a small commision from reviewing many of the items when they have been purchased by our valued visitors. We are always updating this site finding lots focool bongs out there on the web so please be sure to check back daily. Bong on!4

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