Avocadope Mini Rig


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When I received my Avocadope Mini Rig the first thing I analyzed was the excellent craftsmanship. The beautiful green gradients blending into each other made me feel like I was about to smoke out of an art piece. The texture of the back felt genuine. I started biting and nibbling on the edge of it.

The guys at Empire Glassworks truly constructed something special with this mini rig. For our serious smokers here are some of the great features and specifications the Avocadope Mini Rig offers: 90 Degree Joint, Highest Quality Materials, Ground Joint, Includes Bowl, Portable to name a few…

Puff Puff Pass ! I packed this superfood with some super sticky purple haze and brought it up to my lips. The vivid hand-mixed colors of the mouthpiece coupled with its frit backing added a realistic texture.

Don’t worry about having enough bubbles as the 3 hole down stem will generate what you need. I can tell you that this high-quality product is built to last. From the first pull, I was smiling and nodding to myself for I had just found my new favorite toy. The Avocadope Mini Rig. Limited quantity, so make sure to grab yours today!

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