Bio Hazard Glass Straight Ice Bong With Color Accents

Bio Hazard Glass Straight Ice Bong With Color Accents


check it out green buttonThe Bio Hazard Glass ice bong features several unique qualities designed to ensure that your smoking experience is enjoyable. Made using heat-resistant borosilicate glass, it sports a straight tube design with colored accents on the mouthpiece and base and a Bio Hazard Glass decal on the tube. It features a 14.5mm male herb bowl, an inside-cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted diffuser downstem, and an 18.8mm ground joint.

The bowl can hold a generous portion of herb and is equipped with a roll stopper arm to keep the bowl from rolling and breaking. A plastic kek clip is included to clasp the downstem and ground joint securely and safely. The bong stands at 30 cm / 12 inches tall and has a wide base that provides great stability.

The submerged slitted downstem allows bubbles to form, filtering the smoke. Inside the chamber, there are notches where you can place a few ice cubes to cool the smoke, giving you a rich and smooth hit that is less harsh on your lungs. The narrowing mouthpiece is comfortable to use, even for extra long sessions.

Designed for your enjoyment, this bong provides you with a reliable experience and will last for years with proper care. Ideal for personal use or for sharing with friends, it is a must have in any glass collection.

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