Bob Marley Grinder

Bob Marley Grinder


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We truly love this Bob Marley Grinder featuring the iconic image of Bob Marley himself, one of the pioneers in the public subject of cannabis. He brought to light many of the truths surrounding the plant, and his music and philosophy still resonate with many in the industry.

Like most professional-grade herb grinders, this Bob Marley Grinder breaks down into four separate components. For those of you who aren’t familiar with herb grinders (which probably isn’t many of you), the four components are the top, the toothed midsection, the herb chamber midsection, and the bottom pollen catcher.

Since this grinder is made from premium aluminum with a durable feel, it can easily stand up to the test of time, just like the image of the man printed on the top. Bob Marley was an innovator in many ways beyond his music, and his memory will be carried on through the cannabis industry for years to come.

The Bob Marley Grinder can be purchased in either medium or large sizes, and its smooth construction makes it easy to grind even the most stubborn herbs. Cleaning the grinder is as easy as soaking it in warm water with soap, and such maintenance will help it last a lifetime.

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