Bugs life spoon

Bugs Life Spoon by Empire Glassworks


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It’s always nice to get away from the stresses of the modern world and retreat to the woods, like some Byronic hero off to brood and write cheesy poetry. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or patience for a trek in the woods.

However, with the Empire Glassworks Bug’s Life pipe, you can get a few hours of solitude and easy-going spare time and at least feel like it’s happening in a forest.

Marvel at the wonders of the forest floor without having to step outside your own home with the beautiful craftsmanship of the Bug’s Life pipe. The colored glass accents of mushrooms, ladybugs, and vines stand out against the brick red of the pipe itself.

Despite how delicate the pieces may look, it is made of the same durable borosilicate glass that Empire Glassworks customers are accustomed to and will stand up to the years.

Additionally, the Bug’s Life pipe is also American made, so this glass is not only guaranteed to be resilient, but is supporting American glass-blowers all over the country.

It also features a deep bowl to pack in extra dry plant or tobacco at one time. It’s not the cheapest pipe going around, but for the price tag It’s an excellent piece for those longer getaways every person needs sometimes.

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