Chameleon Glass Cyclops Pipe

Chameleon Glass Cyclops Pipe


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This pipe is super freaky. The Cyclops Pipe that’s made by our good friends at Chameleon Glass stares out at you with an eyeball of fiery Teal blue. The detail to attention is awesome, and the eyeball itself, is a definite conversation starter. With a simple bowl and side carb, it is simple to operate and small enough to be used for travel or small tokes. Quantity is not always quality when it comes to bowl size. That’s why I like the easy to load design of this pipe in particular.

Chameleon glass is known for its quality, and that’s clear in the sturdy construction of this awesome piece. The straight draw pipe is easy to clean, and the thick glass means it can take a bit of a beating. I like the simple design for practical use. But this is the kind of pipe that has practical and freaky written all over it.

What really makes this the one of the coolest pipes around is that creepy eyeball. There is Plenty of potential cool names for this pipe abound. I would definitely take the Blue one, and probably name him Stoneron, after the eye of the Dark Lord.

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