Double Bubble Glass Micro Mini Bong

Double Bubble Glass Micro Mini Bong


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This is a Micro Mini Bong that’s the perfect size to carry around in your back pocket when your on your daily travels and need to have a puff on the go. Its super small in size coming in at only 12 cm in height.

The smoking experience you get from this cheap, micro bong is great – packs a punch for such a small bong and you will be surprised the hits that you can expect to get. Its super easy to use, works just like any regular bong you have used before, no hidden tricks. It features a 10mm ground joint that holds together the removable downstem with an attached funnel style marijuana bowl that’s in place.

When looking at this bong you will notice the mouth piece has been place on a slant, making it great to be in a laid back position when your either laying back on your couch or bed while have a blaze. The filtration is awesome the way it works is the smoke travels through the water filtering and cooling down the smoke before it hits the mouthpiece and into your lungs.

Cleaning is really easy due to the fact its nice and small and has no moving parts, making this bong a great choice for someone on a tight budget and not looking to spend to much. We here at Coolest Bongs loves this little micro friend the perfect traveling companion for any stoner on the go.


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