Genie Lamp Inline Ashcatcher

Genie Lamp Inline Ashcatcher


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If your after a cleaner pipe with more smoke diffusion, look no further this Genie Lamp Inline Ash Catcher is the perfect smoking accessory to keep your pipe clean whilst adding in extra percolation.

You can choose from a green or blue Ash catcher and it sits at a 45 degree angle featuring the cool UPC logo on the side. You can either choose from a 14.5mm to a 18.5mm depending on your piece you want it to work for on your favorite glass piece. But if your not sure what size you need check out this very informative infographic here for the correct sizing and how it works, that has been put together by Smokecartel.

As stated this is made by UPC who is a high quality brand based in the United States making anything from water bongs to smoking pipes to anything weed related. They only use the highest quality of scientific glass at super affordable prices.

This looks very aesthetically pleasing and gets the job done each and every time. You will get even smoother hits now having a extra perc which does make a huge difference when your smoking from your favorite piece. Highly recommended for people who want an even smoother and cleaner hit.

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