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Glass Munny Rig


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This is a Monkey themed dab oil rig, which is beautifully constructed by Pulse Glass, who they have named this the “Glass Munny Rig”. It’s perfect to smoke all of your favorite concentrates from using legal concentrates, waxes and essential oils.

Being a Monkey themed Rig, Pulse Glass has done an amazing job designing this look like a very cool swag monkey; which includes ears, a face, two legs (which makes for a very stable base when not in use) and two arms all made using heady scientific glass by the best glass blowers in America. You get to chose from three different colors; Green, Red (Picured above) and black and it stands at only 6 inches in height.

It has used a faberge egg design inside the chamber that has lots of tiny holes giving you ultimate airflow as you dab away. Some of the features include the following; A shower head perc that’s situated inside, Red Elvis and Green Slyme accents, 14mm female joint and a 14mm male nail banger that is made from quartz, 5mm Thick German Schott Glass is used in the whole design.

Overall this is a super aesthetically pleasing, one of a kind expensive dab rig that is worth every penny and looks like it should be sitting inside a art gallery not your lounge room table after a dab. You will be expected to receive huge, super clean dabs everytime you use this bad ass dab rig.

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