Martini Glass Oil Rig/ Bong

Martini Glass Oil Rig/ Bong


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Who doesn’t love a sneaky Martini or two after a hard days work slaving a way for your boss, Glided Glass has made this into a neat little Dab Oil Rig that you can smoke all of your favorite oil concentrates.

The Martini Bong / Rig sands at only 9 inches in height and its a little bit bigger then your usual martini you get from your favorite cocktail bar. This glass piece features a 10mm male joint that goes straight down the downstem, they also throw in a Gilden Glass vapor dome for concentrate use.

This is made from thick high quality glass, and is made to last a long time compared to its rivals. As we know with thick glass it tends to last a lot longer then your ordinary glass pieces and is much less likely to break over time after using it.

Gilden Glass is a proud American glass producing company who have been around for years now, and heave built up a great reputation of making high-end scientific glass peices. They are based down in the Southern part of California and with most of there products there striking logo with gold, black and white accents make them stand out from the crowd.

Overall a great Dab Oil Rig, that will give you years of smoking enjoyment at a super affordable price. It looks like a premium style dab rig but without the hefty price tag that is usually attached to it. Coming in at 120$ its great value for money and it works just the way it should, perfect for any type of concentrate that’s on the market today.

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