Master Shake Dab Rig

Master Shake Dab Rig


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This Master Shake Dab Rig is the theme of everyone’s favorite character from the popular American television series ATHF (Aqua Teen Hunger Force). Crush Glass has done an amazing job making this Oil Rig looking as close as possible to the real deal.

This Oil Dab Rig is made using superior high grade, thick walled glass by professional glass blowers in the USA who have done an incredible job in the overall design and construction. Just check out the details on the face and the bent straw, its truly awesome craftsmanship by our good friends over at Crush Glass.

This could be one of the greatest rigs you will ever purchase for the price, just wish they made more of these styled dab rigs using the ATHF theme being the only downside.

If your looking for something more unique and fun to impress your friends at your next party, rock out with this bad ass bad rig it will be a crazy conversation starter at your next house party, while making some of your closest friends green with envy. A cheap dab rig that’s under 100$ while not sacrificing the overall quality and smoking experience. This would make for a perfect 420 gift to your partner or friend / family member who likes to smoke concentrates / legal oils.


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