Music (DJ) Bong by Mathematix

Music (DJ) Bong by Mathematix


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This is a headphone themed music bong/ oil rig that has a slight twist, it features a pair of DJ headphones on the actual bong and we are pretty sure this was made in the Mathematix recording studios down in Los Angeles. We are still waiting for them to release a number one hit though!

This DJ Dab Rig is perfectly functional to smoke all of your favorite oil concentrates out of and it stands at 10.5 inches in height. It is constructed using high quality thick, themed American glass. They have used a honeycomb perculator which means it get more diffusion compared to others when your smoking, due to the fact there are many more smaller holes (roughly 30) and is specifically crafted to filter out the smoke more efficiently.

When you purchase this from our good friends DankStop, they are kindly giving away a free glass bowl, great for smoking all of your dry herbs. It features a flared mouthpiece making smoking very comfortable and with the 90 degree joint giving it a clean precise look.

Overall a perfect novelty bong for any Music lover or DJ’s who likes to smoke weed, its a premium dab rig that does cost a little bit, in fact it will set you back 305$, but due to how cool it looks, its overall high quality craftsmanship and design this bong will last a lifetime mainly.


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