Original kaos glass "Snowman" bong

Original kaos glass “Snowman” Dab Rig


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The Snowman Bong, is a original kaos glass bong that’s perfect for a discrete vape rig – no one will ever know that this is a bong when its not in use, it pretty much just blends in with other cool house ornaments.

Its made out of scientific glass, and as we all know scientific glass is a special kind of glass that tends to look like scientific equipment for example (beaker chambers, straight tubes and what not). Its not the biggest rig going around, it stands at only 7 inches in height and features a 10mm male fixed downstem that has 3 holes to diffuse the smoke. Due to the amazing design it really cools down the smoke and preserves the great taste and has a great, clean hit each and every time when your toking from it. You can expect to get a great smoking experience with this bad boy.

These hail from Southerm California and you can choose from multiple colors when purchasing it, a overall great Kaos Glass bong that does the job as expected. For roughly 60$ its a steal and will give you years of fun smoking experience.

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