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Pokemon Glass Pipe


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A Pokemon themed glass pipe? well why not we have already seen cool novelty smoking pipes like the Alice in Wonderland, Minion Pipe and the Jack Skellington pipe to name a few. So its only fitting to review our favorite childhood character in the form of the Pikachu Pipe.

This Pokemon pipe is made by professional glass blowers who know there stuff over at crush glass, and they have been making glass pipes and bongs for many years now, infact they have been around for 21 years now to be precise. They  are an American brand and majority of there work is themed work like you see here and that’s how they have got there name around the smoking circles.

Colored, thick glass is used in the production of these pipes and they are 4 inches in length. One downside we have noticed is that these pipes do sell out pretty quick over at DankStop, so you need to be quick over wise you might have to wait a while before they come back into stock. It Features a large bowl to throw in lots of marijuana or tobacco and its a dream to smoke from, you need to try it for yourself! and don’t forget to leave comments below how good this thing is to smoke from.

Overall a cool looking Pokemon Smoking Pipe for under 50 bucks, would make for a pretty neat gift idea for any Pokemon smoking fans. Coolest Bongs loves this little guy and gives it the double thumbs up, great value for your money.


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