Bud Bug - Electronic Grinder

Bud Bug – Electronic Grinder


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The Bud Bug is an automatic herb electronic weed grinder that grinds your weed down for you, no more trying to find a sharp pair of scissors to cut your weed up now having this bad boy do all your dirty work for you.

To use this really cool herb grinder is load all of your marijuana inside the Bug by opening the back shell up and close it up and it simply poops out the weed automatically by the rotary wheel inside, you will hear it working as it does its business. For best results break up the weed a little bit with your hands just to make it even easier for Bud Bug to do its job. This herb grinder is Very easy to use and for being under 20$ its a steal. The teeth inside the bug is made from very sharp metals that grind up the marijuana with ease and the bottom compartment of the bug dismantles easily making cleaning this electronic grinder easy as, takes just a few minutes.

This weed accessory uses a few AA batteries which aren’t included in the sale of this product :(, and to put your batteries inside just open up the outer shell and you will see the battery compartment. This Grinder makes Grinding fun and can grind out your weed in under 10 seconds, when it’s not in use it can make a cool look house ornament for your table or mantle piece.

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