Ray Gun Bong

Ray Gun Bong


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Blasting off into outer space has never been more fun. The Ray Gun Bong/Dab Rig by Astro Glass will definitely insure a safe trip on your next adventure. Oh, did I mention that you can also use it for all of your dab and flower smoking needs?
The Ray Gun Bong is made of solid glass, so the chances of gravity destroying your rig will be greatly minimized. It features a reverse pistol grip handle and a pipe that mimics the look of a space gun, making it a reliable and fun way to spice up your smoking entertainment.
While it does look like the perfect galactic protector, the Ray Gun rig comes with a 14 mm male joint and female dome making it a true smoking gun. Maintaining the rig’s stability during space missions has never been easier with two glass feet featured on the bottom. The bubble features a fixed down stem.
Along with a glass dome, a nail is included with your purchase for no extra charge so you can be sure that your bug-out-bong to the next Blue Moon will be complete. Just remember … plants don’t grow in outer space. The fun fillings aren’t included.

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