ROOR - Dealers' Cup Bong 5.0mm White Logo - 55cm - Ice Notches - 18.8mm

The ROOR Dealers Cup Will Give You X-Tra Large Hits for an X-Tra Large Difference


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The Roor Dealers Cup is not just tall, it’s extra tall! Standing at an impressive 55 centimeters, and 50 millimeters across, this clear white beaker-base bong is sure to give you exactly what you are looking for when you need a bigger hit. The 5mm glass is strong and sturdy, so you know you can treasure and use this work of art for years and years.

The ROOR Dealers Cup has been handmade in Germany by master glassblowers. It features a glass non-diffuser downtube, and even more glass at the funnel bowl, and the ice notches are built right in. Since everything is handmade, its exact dimensions will vary slightly from what’s written here, so go ahead and check your downstem measurements when you get it in case anything needs to be re-ordered with the correct sizes, because hey, nobody’s perfect.

In case you forget the manufacturer, it’s written right across the front with a bold ROOR logo and signature. And in case you forget again, they put their name on the glass funnel too. So remember, it’s the ROOR Dealers Cup!

And wait, there’s more! A ROOR 3-point glass screen is included with your purchase.

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