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Spill Proof Bubbler


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This is the Spill Proof Bubbler or Chubbler by sesh supply that is for sale over at Smoke Cartel. This is pretty much the perfect traveling companion allowing you to toke as you go.

You could say it is Spoon meets bubbler and bringing you the Chubbler! Yes it is spill proof, it lives up to its name, you will never get water on yourself again using this little bad ass bubbler. Its made using only the highest quality of glass materials and is perfect for dry herbs whether it be tobacco or marijuana. Its only 6 inches in length and has a glass thickness of 3mm.

To use this bubbler all you need to do is fill up the bubbler till you have the right amount of water inside, if you some how get to much water inside the bubbler just blow into it and water will come out from the carb hole at the other end. But make sure you do it over a sink because it can be a bit messy removing the excess water.

Its great if you want something fast and easy to smoke before bed and put you out for the night or when you wake up and want a quick toke to start your day. Its incredibly easy to clean after a sesh just give it a good wipe and it scrubs up beautifully again.

You will love this little bubbler, its so clean you can see right through and see that you have totally toasted your whole bowl. The air holes inside the bubbler are perfect and works like a dream each and every time. Us here at Coolest Bongs absolutely loves the idea of this little bubbler, it has everything you need and the smoking is nice and smooth just how it should be.

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