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Sprite Dab Rig


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Who hasn’t tried to make a home made bong out of using an old sprite bottle before? Well rest assured you don’t need to anymore because we are bringing to you a bong called the “Spritech” Bottle rig, or Sprite bong what ever tickles your fancy. It is made to resemble a home made sprite bong, and they have done a bloody good job in doing so.

Our good friends Smoke Cartel has used a green transparent glass as the main color producing this, with a opaque blue color for the sprite label. Its made from a superior thick glass compared to other knocks off of the “Sprite Bong” and it really is aesthetically eye catching and super realistic to say the least. Easy to Smoke and Easy to Toke.

We have seen a few cool old school bongs like this before, like the Speed Cola Perk A Cola Rig, and just like those other dab rigs you can expect to received strong hits smoking all of your favorite concentrates from this sprite bong, getting you high as a kite. Be warned for newbie smokers tho this hits exceptionally hard so you have been warned!

You can pretty much throw away your dirty old sprite bottle bong and spoil yourself by trading it in for something a bit more premium, your not going to regret this purchase even tho it may hurt your bank balance a little bit. It does comes with a hefty price tag being around the 450$ mark, but for the quality and novelty of this oil rig its worth every penny. Sprite lovers are going to love this hands down, go and check it out today by clicking the green “Check it out” button above.

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