Star Wars Yoda Herb Grinder

Star Wars Yoda Herb Grinder


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“Ahh, Yoda’s little friend you may Seek” Use this grinder to help grind your precious herbs, we call it the Yoda Grinder (or better known as the Yo Duh at DankStop) a true gift from the Force.

This is a three piece grinder that easily grinds your marijuana, tobacco or spices with just a few twists. Inside the herb grinder it features super sharp diamond shaped teeth, that has magnetic lids to hold it all together as you grind away. Your herbs will never fall out whilst you grind its a really strong hold when grinding.

The grinder is super small in size (3 inch in diameter, 1.5 inches in height) so you can take it anywhere in your travels, fits perfectly in your back pocket or purse. Its quite similar to the other Star Wars Death Star grinder and both of these make a nice set to own.

We probably wouldn’t recommend it for one of those really big blaze sessions at your next party, but its perfect for a on the go quick grind and blaze seshion. It really does look like Yoda the craftsmanship on this little guy is quite good for the price, with the price of this Yoda grinder coming in at only 14.99$. Great value for money for any Star Wars fan who loves to blaze.

Star Wars Yoda Herb Grinder

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