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Super Mario Glass Pipe


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Now you can finally smoke your weed or tobacco from your favorite childhood console game, Introducing the very unique Super Mario Glass pipe that’s for sale over at DankStop.

This smoking pipe has been beautifully made by 13Glass and they have been around for a long time in the smoking world now. These guys knows there shit when it comes to designing unique and cool hand pipes, they are a proud company based in the United States.

Looking at the pipe you will notice how detailed they have made Mario’s face using a opaque peach glass and a brown colored glass for his mustache. It features a nice deep bowl right behind Marios head, perfect for packing in lots of marijuana or tobacco.

Overall this is a very aesthetically pleasing weed pipe which is at a very competitive price coming in at spot on 70$. It will be the talk at your next party when you pull this out and have a smoke, will make your gaming friends turn green with envy!

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