Uni-Bong Maker

Uni-Bong Maker – Turn a odd plastic bottle into a bong!


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Let’s face it, bongs have always been a permanent fixture at parties. This is especially true in recent years with state governments around the country loosening restrictions on various herbs. Now the next step for anyone one who is thinking about attending a party is to get the right bong. One such product is the Uni-Bong Maker.

This ingenious device takes portability to a whole new level. It is a simple way to turn an empty bottle into a bong! The device is so simple, once we see it, it will make us wonder why nobody thought of it before.

The main parts of the Uni-Bong consist of a mouth piece, which in turn is attached to a screw cap. The screw cap is designed to be attached to most beverage bottles, such as water bottles. The down stem of this device is made with transparent plastic and it also contains the furnace on top of it for burning. Once the mouth piece is screwed on to a bottle the next thing to do is to drop the stem through the opening on the top and we are good to go. The mouth piece and screw cap are available in several colors.

This is not a product designed to be used only once and thrown away, it is designed to be used many times over and over again. Ease of use, simplicity, durability, and portability are the hallmarks of the Uni-Bong Maker.

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