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Weed Star – Double Bubbler 3.0 with Shower Head Perc Diffusers


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If you are like me and want to filter your smoke through water to cool it and clean it out, the Weed Star Double Bubbler is an awesome choice. It’s sturdy. Its full size. And it’s easy to clean.

We all know how fragile some glass can be, especially tubes and bubblers. Well, with the Weed Star, the thick glass and 18cm downtube mean that its sturdy and will hold up. Large chambers mean, well, we all like a large chamber on a good bubbler or bong.

The 18.8mm bowl is huge. You can really pack it in for those times when the whole clan comes over. The fact that there is no carb hole really makes it easy to use, even for the noobs who don’t quite know what they are doing yet.

Best of all, with its size and easy disassembly, cleaning is a breeze with simple alcohol and a wire brush. Clean pipes are key when you really want to taste clean bud or hash. The best hitting pipe is a clean pipe, especially when you use a bubbler to add a layer of filter to your smoke.

The Weed Star – Double Bubbler 3.0 with Shower Head Perc Diffusers is definitely a favorite bubbler in our coolest bongs collection, it will get you stoned no worries. You will be using it almost every day.

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