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Yoshi Oil Rig / Bong


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Mike Lee from Lee Machine has done an outstanding job producing this really cool Yoshi Oil Rig / Bong, its an eye catching glass rig that stands out from the crowd. This is a functional smoking dab rig that does the job each and every time getting you ridiculously high.

This is great for smoking all of your favorite “legal” oil concentrates with the smoking experience is something you need to experience for yourself, words cant explain how well this rig smokes, seeing is believing.

The Yoshi Rig stands at only 6 inches in height and has a really stable base using Yoshi’s feet as a stand when its not in use. This features a 10mm male joint, made from 5mm scientific high quality borosilicate glass/ vibrant orange colored glass. The mouth piece also is used as a dabber holder. Best of all this is signed and dated by the glass artist “Mike Lee” for authenticity.

Everyone of these Yoshi Bongs that is produced is made by Mike Lee, you will never find two the exact same each vary from yoshi to yoshi you will never find two of these exactly the same. They are all hand made in the USA.

So if you are a huge fan of “Yoshi” this is the perfect bong for you to add to your collection of cool dab rigs/ bongs, it will be the talk of the next house party rocking out and dabbing with this, while making your friends turn green with pure envy! Coolest Bongs gives this dab rig the double thumbs up! Check it out today and see the awesomeness for yourself.

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