Zombie Hand Pipe

Zombie Hand Pipe


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This hand blown glass Zombie hand pipe will get you wasted zombie apocalypse style. Whether your a Shaun of the dead fan, Walking Dead or a World War Z fan your going to love this Zombie Pipe created by our friends, Chameleon Glass.

This small pipe is made from thick, heavy borosilicate glass that’s only 5 inches in length and has a deep bowl allowing you to pack in lots of marijuana or tobacco. The attention to detail the guys over at chameleon glass has put on these pipes is absolutely incredible and you will never find two pipes the exact same, as they are all individually hand made/ blown. Just check out the detail on the Leaking Brains and the dripping eyes, absolutely insane craftsmanship that we always expect to see from this brand.

Overall this is a great little smoking pipe that will scare your “normal friends” while making your zombie friends smile with pleasure at your next house party. This Zombie piece does everything it says it does, Amazing to smoke and great quality, the perfect size for a smoking pipe and most of all, the guys over at DankStop has super fast shipping when you purchase anything over at there website.


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